The Bram Stoker Heritage Center

The Bram Stoker Heritage Centre is a global focal point for the study of Bram Stoker, Dracula and the Gothic in general. It offers a great new Stoker experience. The Centre is a really rich treasure cove for the visitor/researcher, containing a museum, a specialist library, a utility room that can be used (i) for talks and lectures, (ii) for cinematic purposes, (iii) for dramatic purposes, (iv) as a workshop, (v) as an exhibition area.

The Centre houses a cornucopia of Stoker/Dracula/Gothic memorabilia including books, pamphlets, articles and various scripts, photos, paintings, posters, letters, postcards, magazine and newspaper cuttings. This includes all Stoker’s writings and a truly amazing collection of critical works. There is a particular emphasis on Stoker’s own life story, the Dracula story and the geneses of the Deacula story. The centre acts as a local, national and international meeting place for serious Stoker scholars and for the merely curious casual visitor.

The Centre is the proverbial hive of activity operating a very full calendar of events which includes the annual Bran Stoker International Summer School. The Centre is open to one and all – all year round. Special arrangements are made for groups from schools (all levels), clubs and societies. A special welcome is extended to international tour groups. Guided bus and walking tours of Stoker’s Dublin take place from the Centre.