Research and Facts: Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’

Without argument the book that made Bram Stoker famous was ‘Dracula’. First published in 1897, it has eclipsed Stoker himself and become undisputedly the world’s most enduring classic eternal gothic novel.It is essentially an Irish story with global appeal.

I. It is the biggest selling novel in the world and the only book to sell more copies is the Bible.
II. The novel has in some way inspired or influenced over 700 films.
III. First published in 1897 ‘Dracula’ has never been out of print.
IV. It has been translated into every major language in the world (including Irish) and many minor languages.
V. Its phenomenal influence on the world of the arts and the performing arts is simply incalculable.It has inspired (and continues to inspire) countless creative works.

The book is suitable for all age groups and has universal appeal.

The Irish Influences:

  • The Imperial landlord system and the upstairs downstairs nature of Irish society at the time.
  • Stoker’s mother’s influences especially her cholera stories from her native Sligo.
  • The Great Famine (Stoker was a famine child).
  • St Michan’s Church in Church Street, Dublin and the mummified bodies where the Stoker family had a burial vault.
  • The suicide graveyard in Ballybough, Dublin.
  • The seaside environment at Clontarf where Stoker was born.
  • Celtic mythology.
  • So many Irish symbols/emblems in the book e.g. storms, fog, rats, gypsies, castle, abbey etc.
  • His work as a court’s clerk in Dublin Castle and around Ireland meant he knew the country and its people.