Bram Stoker’s Dracula Organisation

Welcome to the web site of the Stoker’s Dracula Organisation, Ireland. Our Bram Stoker Heritage Centre is a global focal point for the study of Bram Stoker, Dracula and the Gothic in general.

In Ireland we rightfully sing the praises of Yeats, Joyce, Beckett, Wilde, Shaw, O’Casey, Swift, Goldsmith, Synge, Behan and Kavanagh – but where is Bram Stoker?

The truth is that many Irish people aren’t aware of the fact that Stoker is Irish – he was 31 years of age before he left his native Dublin. He has been ‘claimed’ by other places but our organisation have indelibly put his ‘Irishness’ on record.

Furthermore his great ‘Dracula’ novel has somehow been associated with other places. However, our detailed research has proved that Stoker’s real inspirations for the great book came from his Dublin and Irish background. We argue, that without the influence of nineteenth century Dublin the novel could never have been written.