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Bram Stoker’s Dracula Organisation

Welcome to the web site of the Stoker’s Dracula Organisation, Ireland. Our Bram Stoker Heritage Centre is a global focal point for the study of Bram Stoker, Dracula and the Gothic in general. In Ireland we rightfully sing the praises of Yeats, Joyce, Beckett, Wilde, Shaw, O’Casey, Swift, Goldsmith, Synge, Behan and Kavanagh – but where is […]

Research and Facts: Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’

Without argument the book that made Bram Stoker famous was ‘Dracula’. First published in 1897, it has eclipsed Stoker himself and become undisputedly the world’s most enduring classic eternal gothic novel.It is essentially an Irish story with global appeal. I. It is the biggest selling novel in the world and the only book to sell […]

Bram Stoker

Bram (Abraham) Stoker was born on November 8th, 1847 at 15 The Crescent, Clontarf, Dublin 3.Quite a sickly child until he was seven years old, he attended a private day school and entered Trinity College on November 2nd, 1864.He revelled in life at Trinity and enjoyed a rich academic, sporting and social life there. When […]

The Bram Stoker Heritage Center

The Bram Stoker Heritage Centre is a global focal point for the study of Bram Stoker, Dracula and the Gothic in general. It offers a great new Stoker experience. The Centre is a really rich treasure cove for the visitor/researcher, containing a museum, a specialist library, a utility room that can be used (i) for […]

The History of Clontarf

Clontarf is a seaside suburban area on the north eastern side of Dublin City, just 3 miles from the city centre. The name Clontarf is an ancient one and has been handed down in writing for over twelve hundred years. It derives from the original Gaelic name Cluain Tarbh – The meadow of the bull. […]